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Eleusis My Visit

My Visit at Eleusis.


Day 1 20th March


While travelling Australia in 2011 I read a book that moved me deeply.

This book was called “Who loves well dies well”

Having just lost my own mother I had great admiration for David for making his mothers death so wonderful, I felt i wanted to know more about this man.(Dharmavidya).

I researched online and found the site Eleusis . I knew i wanted to stay here.

5 years later the time…


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Nederlandse vertaling van De Koan van Kapimala

De Oceaan van Waarheid Weerspiegeld

De koan van Kapimala

Deze tekst is een vrije vertaling en bewerking van de tekst van David. De tekst is oorspronkelijk geschreven als een vervolg op het verhaal van…


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Lessons from a stone

I picked up a stone from a natural path which is not far from my home.

The stone is not very big. It seems to be a piece broken off a larger stone, as some of its borders are still sharp-edged. It is a little bit rough to the touch and leaves a fine dust on my fingers when touching it. Its surface is more or less flat because of the erosion of wear but you can notice the grain of its original texture.

I observe and touch it…


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Introductory Chapter I Lotus Sutra - Part 3: The Event

For now I am calling this section The Event, I may come up with a better title later on. To write this section presented me with not only the challenge of the name but I've also had to tackle the problem of what to suggest to you for your exploration. I knew what questions I was answering for myself, I simply was not sure, or confident about, what they might be for others. In…


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Introductory Chapter I Lotus Sutra - Part 2: Who Was In Your Assembly?

One comment I hear from folks who attempt to read the Lotus Sutra is about the long listing of names at the very beginning. The list extends over two pages. Most of the people have asked what they were supposed to do with such a list. The names are weird, they are long, and frequently they are unpronounceable at least not in one breath or smoothly. Some have…


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David Brazier ~ vertaling Elja Stoel

Nagarjuna wordt gezien als een van de meest belangrijkste en invloedrijkste denkers in de geschiedenis van het Boeddhisme. Alle Mahayana scholen zien hem als de stichter van het Mahayana Boeddhisme. Aan de ene kant kan Nagarjuna gezien worden als een originele denker, zijn ideeën vormen de basis voor het…


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Five Implements of Skillful Means for Entry to the Dharma

Zeal, Vigor, Mindfulness, Discernment, Single-Mindedness

These Five Implements were presented by Chih-i in his "Essentials for Practicing Calming and Insight and Dhyana Meditation"

Zeal - Zeal - First a person much possess the desire, the willingness to change something.  Without this aspiring to change there is no initial cause for…


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Introductory Chapter I Part 1: Leading Up to the Opening of Your Lotus Sutra

While written specifically about the Lotus Sutra, the questions posed here would be applicable to any endeavor, Buddhism included.

This chapter opens with the Buddha seated in meditation. As I think about this, I am reminded that we all began our practice of Buddhism from some place in our lives. Before our first exposure or our first…


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Dogen At Breakfast, Tuesday 1st March at Eleusis.

Thick frost covered the ground this morning and the sun struggled and failed to break through the layers of morning cloud, denying my hopes of a sun filled celebration of the first day of spring. The cold only affects me for a few moments as I jump out of bed and into my warmest clothes and make a bee line for the stove, which fires up pretty quickly once you feed it. The breakfast operation distracts me nicely until the room warms up and the hot chicory does the job from the inside. I…


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