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First Thing's First!




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Message from Geeta

I (Geeta) can offer up to 3 people a lift from Surrey to Eleusis, leaving at 5 am on 1st June and/or returning to England about 5 pm on 4th June. I can offer one person (or a couple) accommodation on the night before we travel and the night that we return.

Thank you Geeta - nice offer.

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The Russian Orthodox certainly know how to do pomp and ceremony

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Self Power/Other Power

Sangharakshita on Self Power/Other Power: …


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The Omelette Sutra

I find Elizabeth David's classic book, 'French Provincial Cooking', to be replete with advice for the Pureland Sangha.

"As everybody knows, there is only one infallible recipe for the perfect omelette: your own. Reasonably enough; a successful dish is often achieved by quite different methods from those advised in cookery books or by the professional chefs, but over this question of omelette making professional and amateur cooks alike are particularly unyielding. Argument has never…


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Restart for democracy in South Korea

For once, opinion polls proved reliable as Moon Jae-In, a 64-year-old, left-of-centre human rights lawyer was declared winner of South Korea’s presidential election by a wide margin in the early hours of Wednesday, May 10. He succeeds Park Geun-Hye, daughter of Park Chung-Hee, the military dictator who ruled Korea from 1961 to 1979. Ms Park was removed from office last December by impeachment, following a massive corruption scandal, and is currently in detention and on trial.



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My manuscript for a book about Zen Master Dogen based on his seminal work Genjo Koan has been accepted in principle by a UK based publisher. There is always quite a process to go through so it probably won't actually appear in the shops before this time next year, but we shall see.

I am currently working on an article commissioned by Tricycle magazine for their next special issue which is on the theme of Fear.

The book that is being produced based on my Questions in the Sand…


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From Mindfulness to Heartfulness; ITZI Congres in Belgie, Kom je ook?

Ben je geïnteresseerd in boeddhistische psychologie? In geëngageerd boeddhisme? In mindfulness? Coaching vanuit boeddhistisch perspectief? Dan heeft dit congres in België waarschijnlijk jouw interesse:

Van 8 tot 10 september 2017 organiseert het Internationaal Instituut voor Zen Therapie van David Brazier haar tweede congres over boeddhistische psychologie. Een congres waar interactie tussen sprekers en deelnemers essentieel is.

We zijn…


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