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What a week

Last Wednesday I decided to tidy up my garden. I had already mown the lawn and wanted to remove some vines that had grown over my downstairs bathroom window.

I used a plastic stool to stand on and thought maybe I would be better waiting until I have a ladder. Being impatient I ignored my instinct and instead of waiting until I had a ladder stood on my 4ft high wooden fence.

As I tried to step across to get back on my stool the fence broke and I dropped open legged onto the fence. I…


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With some variations our current pattern is as follows. there is a snack lunch and at 6.30 or 7pm an evening meal and...

Monday: 8.30 Breakfast with Dharma class. Snack lunch. Work period.

Tuesday: 8.30 Morning service with short Dharma talk followed by breakfast and, sometimes, Dharma class. Then work/other activities.

Wednesday: 8.30 Breakfast. Shopping - often Sancoins market.

Thursday: Rest…


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Letting Go

It's easy to become dependent on someone or a way of life. I have lived with my daughter and granddaughter for the past 12 years. Well actually I've lived with my daughter for the past thirty years, but with her daughter for 11 of those years after separating from my wife.

After meeting a lovely man and falling in love, as we do, my daughter decided to move in with him share her life and home with this person.

Now whilst being happy for her in her new life and as I sit here preparing… Continue

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ITZI Conference 2019


In 2020 I sent out 108 5 minute podcasts .  These have all been transcribed and the transcriptions have been translated into several European languages.  This series is indexed at Podcast Index

A new series of "Global Sanha Podcasts" has now started and transcripts and translations can be accesses via the Global Sangha Index.

The most recent audio podcasts are here

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Winter Beauty

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Thatcher Park

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Morton Arboretum

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