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You can find my article on Buddhism and Creative Writing published in Buddhist Door magazine here.

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Lonely or self indulgence

I spentLast week on Holliday with my daughter and granddaughter. We lived together until recently and I have missed them, so a week away with them was lovely.

On the first day I spent an hour alone walking up the beach reflecting on impermanence and tried to make some sence of the loneliness I have been feeling over the past couple of months.

On my third day there I went into the sea with my granddaughter, she floated on her inflatable toy and we talked about lots of things.

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Here is an article I find interesting and helpful bridging Zen and Pureland.

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Things happen by small degrees. We set out to do some improvements in the big barn. To do that we had to empty the space. To empty the space we had to build a shed in which to put things - two sheds, in fact. To build sheds is quite a big job, but before you can get started on it you need to lay a base of paving. Before you can lay the paving you have to clear the ground - also quite heavy work. In the meantime the grass is growing, paths in the forest need to be kept open, and a rash of…


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This article was sent to me by a friend. It is quite long but definitely interesting and raises many important questions about the ultimate agenda of the mindfulness movement and the values that are inherent in it, suggesting that the leaders of the movement have ambitions to spread a value system that goes far beyond the basic definition of modern…


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