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Yesterday my daughter and granddaughter stayed at my flat until quite late. School holidays so they didn't have to get up early. They stayed over this evening and again I enjoyed the company.
Then I remembered how lonely I felt when I first came here to live alone nearly five months ago now.
It's odd how quickly one adapts to ones surroundings. I'm not sure if it's due to my faith or if that's how I have always been. Growing and changing and trying to adapt.

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An interesting comparison from the JSRI site. I have highlighted the phrase "Shan-tao felt human nature was always in opposition to the nature of buddhas" because I think that this principle has huge importance for out understanding of Buddhist psychology and Buddhist practice, and it is, of course, at odds with much contemporary presentation of Buddhism.…


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Mourning a royal bodhisattva.


"The nation belongs to everyone, not one or two specific people. Those who confront each other will all be the losers. And the loser of the losers will be the nation...

"For what purpose are you telling yourself that you're the winner when you're standing upon the ruins and debris?"

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It's easy to see why people suffer with seasonally adjusted depression. The cold weather and dark nights after long warm days. I always find that I'm far more motivated in spring and summer. Happy to get up early and look forward to what the day may bring.

As winter approaches its so much harder to get out of bed, and my wish for the day is that I get back home quickly where I can hibernate until I'm forced to go back out.

As I get older I don't want to wish my days away and try to be… Continue

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This is a picture of me exploring the forest on Big Island Hawaii in August 2006 during a time when I was visiting the sanghe there..

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