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Flowers of Mourning With so many deaths in the Middle East and now in Europe too, and more being planned as the clamour for military action grows, this is a time for mourning and for flowers, not just in Paris, but also in Beirut, in Baghdad, in Kabul and everywhere where this carnage spreads. Around us, here in Europe, we can sense the fear. The fear is not…


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We Need Restraint Not More Bombs

We are all dismayed by the events in Paris. Yet, have we been equally dismayed by the daily events in the Middle East where our own governments are dropping bombs? I am deeply sympathetic to the French people affected by the recent violence. I am deeply sympathetic to the people in Syria, in Iraq, in Afghanistan and in the whole Middle East Region. I understand why there is hatred. I understand why people want to kill. However, killing…


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I Became a Buddhist!

David and I were talking in the car during our 12 hours traveling to Spain. As David has written (see Eleusis Daily) we talked about lots of things.

I told David how I am looking forward to meeting the people of the Amida Sangha. I still feel a deep connection with my own sangha in Den Bosch, in Holland, but I do want to be involved in the Amida Sanga and the Amida order.…


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The grace of happiness in November

In the corner of the ‘sun-trap-field you will find the entire universe…

Look at that!

Dragonfly and Blackthorn,

blue sky and butterfly,

greenhills and yellow flowers,

what a treasures in november...

White clouds and forest lining the horizon, endless view covered with a blue cupola…

What a grace in november……


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My last blog post was back at the beginning of this year. A lot has happened, and yet, in a way, nothing has happened. Life here has a timeless quality. One can feel as if in suspended animation. Every day there is something to do - many things. Yet nothing is pressing. It is a wonderful life in that respect. A change of occupation is always possible. I have somewhat settled…


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ITZI Conference 2019


In 2020 I sent out 108 5 minute podcasts .  These have all been transcribed and the transcriptions have been translated into several European languages.  This series is indexed at Podcast Index

A new series of "Global Sanha Podcasts" has now started and transcripts and translations can be accesses via the Global Sangha Index.

If you want to hear the podcasts message me.

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Winter Beauty

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Thatcher Park

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Morton Arboretum

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