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In the Amida Sangha

Taking stock of the progress of the Amida Shu sangha at the end of 2015 it is hard to find words sufficient to praise the achievement of Kaspalita and Satyavani and all those involved in the establishment of the Amida Mandala Temple in Malvern. This was itself the culmination of several years of dedication which began with them holding Pureland religious services in the tiny…


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Ordination as a Gankonin

On the Bodhi Retreat 7-13 December In Amida Mandala Malvern, I was ordained as Amita Vajrapala, a Gankonin in the Amida Order, vocation as a disciple to the service of the Buddhas and budhisattvas to help and serve all sentient beings.

The transmission of Amida's light was transmitted to me by the precepts I discided to take, by the kind love, care and wisdom…


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A Calling

I spent last week in retreat with my Buddhist family, celebrating Shakyamuni's enlightenment at Amida Mandala Temple in Malvern, England. Something very special happens when we meet like this, grounded in Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, reaching out to the loving power of Amitaba Buddha who fills us with Love in return. The whole building was glowing with peace and happiness and everyone who participated was profoundly moved and excited by it. 

In the various services and ceremonies that…


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Bodhi Day Retreat ~ Canada


Yesterday,  the Amida Mosaic Sangha celebrated Bodhi Day.  Our day included morning service, sitting meditation and chanting.  Additionally, James led us on a mindful nature walk and Nancy led us in sacred movement. We also enjoyed two Dharma talks by Dharmavidya (Bodhi Day 2014 and this years first talk).  Also, Stephen, our guest from Connecticut, shared a…

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A prayer/practice to open our heart in dark period

After Charlie's attack, Lama Wangmo wrote a practice, based on Tonglen to help keeping an open heart while assaulted by the madness of violence, terrorism and the answer people adopt.

It has been translated to English and can be freely used in any groups of :

Practising in face of horror…


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Buddhist Activism

Dear Dharmavidya, Like so many Americans I am deeply saddened by the ever increasing deadly violence in my country.Despite this relentless blood bath our "leaders" refuse to enact even the most common sense gun laws or help for the mentally ill. What can I as an American Buddhist do in a concrete manner to improve these intolerable conditions?
Namo Amida Bu, Stephen Greenberg

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