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Seasonal Message from the Head of the Amida Order

The years 2016 and 2017 may well be seen from the future as a turning point in world politics. There is certainly a sense that the current order is fragmenting in Europe and North America, and that the balance of power in the Far East is shifting. In the Middle East there is still no sight of the end of war, but we can pray that some new arrangement can be found that will bring the killing to an end and start what will be a long process of reconciliation. We can sense what may be…


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So cold in the UK at the moment. You really can see it's winter. I find as I get older I'm less able to cope with the cold weather. I enjoy looking at the pattern of the ice on my window, but having to get it off the windscreen of my car is very difficult. My hands feel like they have frozen and I long for the warmth of summertime.

As it's the Holliday period with Christmas upon us I have taken two whole weeks off work. Saved my leave this year and really will appreciate the break. All… Continue

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Seems funny that I should end up wandering around Worcester cathedral on my birthday. The first opportunity I’ve had since I’ve been living in the area over the past years. So I thought I’d follow up my recent blog ”Sacred Space” by explaining some of the features, as they appear in these buildings, with my own unique interpretation. Not to be taken as religious or spiritual fact, by the way.

An immense sense of space and a dense matrix of symbolism blows me away as it presents…


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Kids talking about refugees. My grand daughter is one of the children asking questions.

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Buddha Quote

My heart, thus knowing, thus seeing, was released from the fermentation of sensuality, released from the fermentation of becoming, released from the fermentation of ignorance. With release, there was the knowledge, 'Released.' I discerned that 'Birth is ended, the holy life fulfilled, the task done. There is nothing further for this world.
The Buddha.

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