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Shakyamuni Buddha by R. Althouse

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The Well Sees the Donkey - by Robert Althouse

This series is inspired by case 52 from the Shoyoroko, which reads as follows:


Sozan asked Toku Joza, “Buddha’s true dharmakaya is like the vast sky. It’s conforming to things and manifesting shapes is like the moon in the water. How can this principle of conforming be expressed?”

Toku said, “It’s like the donkey seeing the well.”

Sozan remarked, “Well said, but that’s only 80% of it.”

Toku rejoined, “How about you, Osho?”

Sozan replied, “The well sees…


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Fireflies by Robert Althouse

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White Tara by Robert Althouse

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Turtle Island

Posted by Robert Joshin Althouse on April 28, 2021 at 18:06 0 Comments

LITANIA DI QUAN SHI YIN - HJ. Kennett - Adattamento Brazier/Johnson - Traduzione italiana

Posted by ANGELA ROMANI on April 17, 2021 at 22:31 0 Comments

Immensa e gentile Quan Shi Yin, dacci la grazia di conoscerti e riconoscerti, in qualunque forma tu ti manifesti: per la strada, in un negozio, al lavoro, nello svago;

Dacci il coraggio di riconoscerti nel piacere e nel dolore, nella felicità e nell’infelicità;

Dacci la saggezza di riconoscerti nelle tue innumerevoli forme, non solo in quelle che vogliamo…


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