FRIDAY 12 Feb ~ Second Full Day at Home

I measure progress by what I can do. Today I do better than yesterday by  walking round the house twice, instead of once, and  find great satisfaction in doing a small task in the garden, cutting back a bramble that was encroaching on the mint bed - my first foray in that direction since getting home from hospital. I have to wear a good pair of gloves so as to avoid scratches of any kind since with thinned blood they would be more serious.

Radiance & Aphrodite
Then, pausing under the walnut tree I marvel at the freshness of the light shining on the wet grass in the aftermath of rain. The rain has been heavy and there are small standing pools on the land. Moss is thick on the stone walls and on the boughs of the great tree.

In fact I can do most of the things that I am used to doing, just I can only do them in short spurts. Fifteen minutes gardening and then take a break. Bit by bit it will increase.

With Adam doing the muscular work, we site a statue of Aphrodite over-looking the rose garden. Roses are her flower and it feels very fine that she is casting her benevolence over them.

Good & Bad
There is good news and bad. A friend sick and we with no vehicle to go and help. Another friend on the way to visit us - what joy!  In the post, get well cards from the Amida sangha in Canada - a happy gift.

Breakfast Seminar
This morning after breakfast I gave a short teaching on the phrase “with body, speech and mind”. Adam and Elja are my students. I can envisage that since I am going to be here much more consistently, I might be able to evolve some pattern of regular teachings for whoever is present. We shall see.

Later, Elja asks me how I feel at the prospect of a year’s sabbatical here. She comments that it could be rather marvellous, this being such a magical place. It is certainly true that I have often considered the possibility but have always felt the pull of many requests to travel and teach elsewhere and, since that is my vow, I have done so. Now the gods have intervened and a different future unfolds. All shall be well.

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