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In a dream I saw four mountains
with a valley in between.
In the valley lay a lake
of crystal water, deep and clean.
Somewhere hidden on this fell
there lived a hermit rarely seen
who mingling with the mist and cloud
left no trace where he had…
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During the month of August we have a regular meditation class on Mondays from 16:00 - 17:00 Rome time. A good opportunity to start your meditation practice or deepen it, if you have already some experience. Sharing and Q&A will be included in this…
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When I feel profoundly lonely, even among those who love me, And I fly over a deep abyss with wings painfully expanded – Quan Shi Yin quickly rises into the air, Because her thousand eyes have spotted me up in the sky. Tactfully she invites me…
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In this morning's on-line Dharma Ocean Class we read the first third of the Contemplation Sutra and discussed the imagery and embedded teachings.  The sutra's vivid imagery and drama stays with one.  
It was also gratifying to hear members report…
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Aging, sickness and death are inevitable and all our attempts to avoid this reality are temporary expedients that will themselves age, decay and fail. All our projects come to an end. Should we not be depressed? Should we not despair? Are our happy…
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When we enter the sangha, we tend to bring with us the patterns which we have established in our life.  A group of us were recently exploring how our experience in our own family of origin affects our attitude to our life in the sangha.What do we…
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In the evening calm, white on blue, rippled cloud,as sand is corrugated by the churning of sea water,or the ladder makes its shadow on the white-washed wall.The birds are flying homeward, the sun is going down,the cat is sitting soberly…
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There are countless butterflies at Eleusis. Lavender, roses, lilacs along with wild flowers and herbs spread a fine, irresistible fragrance throughout the garden and forest. It is such a delight to interrupt the work and watch these beautiful,…
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"Pictures from our visit to Parc Floral at Vernais"

Regard all things with amazement, admiration and sympathy. Study the beauty and forms of nature. Meet adverse occurrences with equanimity. Know that all that is manifest is remarkable, yet even the most fine and beautiful shall also pass away.

Do your best to be plain and straightforward, sincere in what you say and do. Although social situations can be complex and confused, stay in touch with what is truthful, real and fundamental.

Be relaxed and walk gently upon the earth. Although one adore and worship high ideals, it is vital to remain aware of one’s own frailty and limitations. Nobody is perfect. Knowing oneself one can empathise with others.

Value both solitude and amicable company. A person who can stand on his own feet can be a friend to the world. Help those in need. Be respectful, hospitable and open handed, like the good inn keeper who welcomes guests and also wishes them well when they depart.

While living and working in the material world of causes and conditions. always bear in mind the beyond, the spirit of the sages, the unconditional, the deathless. Let it enlarge your heart and mind with the blessing of infinite peace.



David Brazier, PhD, Buddhist name Dharmavidya, leader of Global Sangha, author of more than a dozen books, authority on Buddhist psychology, was born in England in 1947 and lived in Cyprus as a child, where he had a number of guiding spiritual experiences,  In adolescence he discovered Buddhism and went on to study with teachers in several of the main branches of Buddhism including Nai Boonman (Shamatha), Chogyam Trungpa (Kargyupa), Jiyu Kennett Roshi (Soto Zen), and Thich Nhat Hanh (Vietnamese Zen).  He was described as "a great blessing for our age" by the philosopher Mary Midgley and as a "second Honen Shonin" by Sensei Adachi senior (Jodo) and was asked by Saiko Gisho Sensei (Shinshu) to take the Pure Land teachings to the West. The Dharma he teaches is thus primarily Pure Land, yet from a broad and inclusive perspective. In the mid-1990s he founded the Amida Order and was its head until the founding of Global Sangha in 2020.

In the past he has been involved in many community development, mental health and educational initiatives, especially in Britain, Bosnia, and India and has been in a number of the world’s crisis spots.

His many writings include a dozen books on Buddhism, psychology and culture, among which: Zen Therapy, The Feeling BuddhaAuthentic Life, and, most recently The Dark Side of the Mirror: Forgetting the self in Dogen's Genjo Koan.

Here at La Ville au Roi he lives in semi-retreat, close to nature, writes, makes podcasts, holds on-line sessions and receives disciples and enquirers from many parts of the world.



Global Sangha is an international network of people following the teachings of Dharmavidya David Brazier and Dharma teachers associated with his approach. Other teachers recognised by Global Sangha include:

Tineke Osterloh has many years experience teaching insight and metta meditation in Germany and other parts of the world

Rafael Redondo Barba, leader of the North Wind Sangha based in Bilbao in northern Spain. His approach based on Zen meditation transcends particular religions.

Ganendra Oscar Martinez leads a sangha based in Vittoria in northern Spain.  His approach combines Pureland and mindfulness.



Eleusis is a hermitage at La Ville au Roi in central France set deep in the countryside in an area of forests, rivers and villages. The buildings and facilities are relatively primitive. The term Eleusis alludes to the spiritual traditions of the classical world. The philosophy here draws upon East and West, remythologising, deepening and broadening our appreciation of the dynamic of life in tune with the natural seasons. La Ville au Roi lies in an area off the beaten track, a refuge, retreat and place of peace and replenishment.


ITZI The International Zen Therapy Institute is concerned with the study and application of Buddhist psychology.  It has a division called Institute for Buddhist Analysis & Psychotherapy (IBAP) specifically concerned with therapy and therapy supervision.