A beautiful book to treasure: stunning artwork and stylish poems covering major themes from personal love to world crisis. 

Sometimes provocative, always compassionate.The book has emerged from the personal partnership chemistry of poet and artist. You will be charmed, carried along, challenged, seduced, inspired. You will find surprises.War and pain, nature and imagination, loss and love, destruction and restoration. Poems from the heart, the spirit and the gut. Poems of heaven, poems of earth, poems of pilgrimage and mirth. Images of woman in all her guises. 

This book is for everybody who thinks, loves, and reflects; for those who puzzle over the spiritual, emotional and fundamental meanings of things. What is happening to our world and to us personally? What is the meaning of poetry and how is one to find inspiration in the world as it is. It is as it is and we each come alive in the encounter only if we can meet it as humble pilgrims, artistically and poetically.

These words and images will take your life to a new level and make you yourself more poetic, more artistic, more alive. Read it, study it, give it as a gift, let it inspire you to creativity and love.

KEYWORDS: Poetry, art, images of women, nature poetry, beautiful book, love poems, social comment poetry, spirituality, pilgrimage, eco poetry, Eros, Amida, art of the feminine, 

GENRE: Poetry, Art








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