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  • Here in the USA we celebrated our special day of over consumption.  Rather I should say we kick off our month and half long season of over consumption.  Usually, for the past 10 years, I take my Thanksgiving meal in the hospital cafeteria.  Since I have no family I volunteer to work (I was a paid staff chaplain) on that day so the other chaplains who have families could be at home.  This year since I'm retired I was invited to a young couple's home in my new home town of Syracuse, NY.  I missed the institutional food, the canned turkey, the over cooked vegetables, the canned cranberry sauce overly sweet, and most of all I missed talking to families and staff who were either there working or visiting loved ones.  Yes occasionally there were deaths, death knows no holiday, and those are hard times, sad times.  I am still discerning whether I will sign on with the hospital here to do on-call work as needed.  I am leaning more towards seeing what I can contribute to the prisons and jails here in Syracuse.

    For Christmas I have no plans, it is a day I like to spend either watching Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings.  This year I do believe it will be LotR.  For New Years this year I will begin a new tradition by going to Buffalo and joining with the young novice priest there and his fledgling sangha.  I also plan on driving over to Niagara Canada as I hear they do a bang up good job of decorating for the holidays.

    I've spent Christmas in London, wonderful holiday spirit there, Paris, the year I was there was the year of the terrorist attacks in several locations.  Christmas was subdued that year and I was able to go to each of the locations and offer prayers for the smooth and peaceful transition of the victims and families.  Christmas in Tokyo one year was a rather bazaar experience, the stores were open and life went on as normal with signs of Joy Holiday and Happy Joy, and other weird combinations of traditional English salutations.  So Canada will be a nice addition to Christmas in foreign places.

    I wish each of you who reads this a joyful holiday season to include Bodhi Day the enlightenment of the Buddha, making Buddhism the religion with a legitimate claim to a tree at this time of year.

    Peace and Gassho,


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Hemp burgers : good simple and basic vegan food!

This week I made hemp burgers again: boil hemp seeds and then squeeze them in a net cloth and make small burgers with the paste you then have. Super protein filled with good proteins and healthy fats. And super tasty. I put one in my miso soup in the morning and at lunchtime I eat one with my hot meal. Seeds can be bought on the internet f.e. 1 kilo (good for 1 month). 

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Délices vegan and biological, without sugar, handmade by Daniël, partner of Vajrapala [French/English]

Les déserts végétaliennes faites à main par Daniël à l'occasion de nouvel an pour ses enfants et petit-enfants. Mangé dans une ambiance de Jizo-Bodhisatva's grâce au beau travail de Maria et "Dana Present". A la Colline éclairée, entourné par la nature splendide de la Pays des Collines en Belgique près de Tournai. [Vegetarian deserts hand made by Daniel at New Year for the children and grandchildren, eaten in a Jizo Bosatsu ambiance thanks to the good work of Maria: a "Dana present". At La…

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I have an increasing number of pumpkins in my garden - more than I or my guests shall be able to eat. So this evening... - Cut the pumpkin into crescents - two per person, or three if narrow- In a mixing bowl put olive oil, a raw egg, a generous amount of herbe de province, salt and pepper to taste and whip with a fork.- Dip the crescents in the mixture and put them into a baking tray. Any of the mixture that is left over spoon over the pumpkin.- Put into a pre-heated oven at 180-200C and cook…

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My cooking is largely a matter of seeing what I have left in the fridge, safe and garden and putting it together one way of another. Here’s what I cooked this evening. Ingredients I aubergine, sliced 1 egg 2 or 3 cups of pasta - I’d got farfalle 3 tomatoes - chop them into bits (12 chunks per tomato) 3 kinds of cheese - I’d got Maasdam, which I sliced, grated emmental, and grated parmesan. 1 pot of tomato based chutney (or you could use tomato puree and add spices, or any similar relish that…

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