Here I will gradually add papers I have written, mostly ones written rather a long time ago but which still have some use or relevance. The papers are loaded here as "pages" and so the links to them are in the right hand column below. There is also a themed listing in the text box below. If you wish to discuss matters arising, please do so by using the Discussion facility. Thank you.

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My mother, Irene Brazier (1922-2004), was a lover of gardens. In her life she made many and admired many more. She believed in the harmony that arises when people work in co-operation with natural forces. She was a practical woman. Work was important. One of her favorite sayings was "You are closer to God in a garden than anywhere else on earth". She was named Irene, in part, after a song that was popular at the time that had the refrain "Good night Irene, I'll see you in my dreams" and, in…

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In today’s teaching I would like to look critically at some of the principles, often taken as self-evident, that underpin much of our thinking about ethics. There is, for instance, the so called golden rule, treat others as you would yourself be treated. This is closely related to the idea that one should only act upon maxims that one would wish were universal laws. Then there is the imperative to be consistent in one’s beliefs and actions and make similar evaluations about similar cases, to…

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