MONDAY 11 Apr ~ A Hole in my Bucket ~ Elja

This Daily is from Elja

This morning I was miserable and feeling very sorry for myself. I was stuck – no laptop, worried about my operation, unable to arrange things from France, feeling defeated by the bureaucratic system. David came up to see me and I told him about my worries. He started to sing that old song, “There's a hole in my bucket” which seemed to exactly typify my situation. I recognised how I was thinking round and round in circles and not getting anywhere. I know the whole song and we started to sing together and then we started to laugh and we laughed and laughed. After that I felt more energy to do something and I started by calling my doctor in Holland. I decided that the best is to get operated in Holland as soon as possible because the pain is really troubling. She told me that the hospital in my local city of Den Bosch would help me so I phoned the hospital directly to make an appointment to see a surgeon and he gave me an appointment next Tuesday. After doing that much I felt much better.

Later in the day we went into town shopping. Everybody had a mission in town. Modgala did the shop in the supermarket. We dropped Adam in town to shop. David and I went on to the railway station and I bought a ticket to Holland. I go on Friday. So suddenly after my dip of confidence, I took some action and everything is changed.

The weather has reflected my mood swings. The day started cold and wet and later the sun broke through and became stronger and stronger. We had a lovely dinner outside and then walked to the woods and looked at the carpet of millions of bluebells. I collected a poesy of bluebells and flax flowers. After dinner the clouds rolled in again and a big thunder storm broke. I always feel that a thunder storm is a kind of relief of energy.

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  • Oh, goodness, yes - I have had to repair roofs here a number of times. Good luck.

  • Thank you David... there's a hole in my roof and the rain is pouring through but am sure that eventually the rain will cease and the roofers will make progress and everything will change again. Look forward to seeing you in the summer and I do hope that you continue to recover steadily and regain full strength and health x

  • Be lovely to see you. Hope that all goes well at your place.

  • Lovely picture... glad things are brightening up Elja. Sorry that I missed visiting you this time around and hopefully will make it in the summer. Good luck with the op. x

  • Dear Elja I wish you all the best for the operation!!!!!

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