MONDAY 14 Mar ~ Robin & Rabbit

Jonah Outdoors
What a lovely day! It was our first day this year to eat breakfast outside. There had been a frost and there was still a chill in the air, but the sun was up and warming my back. As I ate my breakfast I saw rabbits venturing out of the thicket beyond the orchard, their white bobtails flashing as they hopped across and disappeared behind the bramble. Then as I looked at the horse chestnut tree, a robin appeared, bobbing from branch to branch. Eating outdoors one sees such small delights. Over breakfast we talked about the story of Jonah - this mornings teaching.

Medical Morning
As we finished breakfast the nurse arrived to take a sample of my blood, which is now a regular Monday morning ritual. I paid her, as this was the end of one prescription. However, the doctor has written a new one so the ritual will continue. Then Elja needed to go into town to have a pre-hospitalisation test done at the laboratory at the health centre. So we had another medical morning. I am gradually getting used to how the French medical system works.

Cosy Later
When we got back the weather was delightful. This is one of the best times of year. Bright sunshine, but still a chill in the air. It made me think of times in the Alps. We had coffee and home made biscuits. I was intending to get on with a writing project today, but the weather was so nice I stayed outdoors as much as I could. Later, it got chilly again so I lit a fire and settled at my keyboard.

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