Days here are full of life. This morning the nurse arrived to take a sample of my blood while we were all sitting round having breakfast. I'm looking forward to getting back the lab result because this will tell something about what difference it has made to my blood going from the hospital diet to our home cooking - from an endless supply of omelets to a diet high in fruit and pulses.

Later in the day, Susthama drove Elja and myself to visit the hospital and pharmacy for prescriptions and to deal with administration matters. I have also acquired some additional stockings to aid blood flow in my legs. We have had a lot of jokes about me wearing stockings.

Love & Gifts
Today I also received some nice items in the post. Some books from Sujatin - many thanks - to keep me occupied while I am enjoying my enforced fireside rest. Also, artwork from my daughter in New Zealand together with a greeting card hand-made to look like a hot water bottle. I am, of course, very touched by these tokens of love.

While we were in town our good friend and neighbour Annette had called but unfortunately found nobody in. She had kindly brought round an apple crumble. Delicious. Soon there was not a crumb left. In the evening Elja made us a traditional Dutch dish made from red cabbage which was also very tasty.

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