Today I really had to admit that something is definitely wrong. I have lost my strength. Climbing a short flight of steps leaves me exhausted and faint. I do not seem to have any other major symptoms. It seems to have come on rather suddenly. I had a day of the same symptom, though less severe, about ten days ago and then seemed fine, although I was, by that time suffering from a chest infection which has since cleared. Then, a couple of days ago, i suddenly lost all my physical strength. Very odd.

Publishing Venture
The other day, Elja was reading an article on a Dutch web site and remarked that what she was reading sounded like it could have been written by me. I had a look at it and I understood what had caught her attention, so I e-mailed the author. Since then we have had a wonderful conversation by skype and several exchanges of e-mail and are now planning to publish a book together.

Life is full of twists and turns.

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  • Hi David, sorry to hear you are ill. We wish you all the best and thanks for the wonderful time.

  • Sorry you have been ill David, speedy recovery. Warm wishes, Mo
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