SUNDAY 24 Jan ~

We got a day ahead of our usual routine by doing the washing this morning. After arriving home to a freezing cold house yesterday we were pleasantly greeted by sunshine this morning. Having been travelling we had quite an accumulation of washing to do. However, the fetching of water brought to my attention particularly strongly that i am still not really recovered from the chest infection that I picked up in December in UK. I feel as though I have only half my normal lung capacity and consequently am soon out of breath with tasks that normally i would take in my stride. So when the wash was done I settled down to a bit of relaxation in the sunshine, accompanied by a new book - present from Carol - a collection of critical essays on one of the great works of English literature.

With apologies to Yeats, I can say that "The bee-loud grove" is supposed to be a phenomenon of summer or early autumn, but here I am in January, sitting in the sun in a deckchair and there are indeed bees buzzing around the honeysuckle. This recent cold snap has been quite sharp, but overall this has been a very mild winter. Here, for contrast is a picture from a few days back taken in Belgium.

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  • Thank you, Annette. I called in to the securité sociale in St Amand today but it seems that I need a form that I can only get from the social security in UK. I'll have to do a bit of research. Nothing is ever easy once you get into the bureaucracy maze.

  • Welcome back to Eleusis! Please take care of your health. if you wish I can give you some advice as to how to get medical care with a "European medical card". Warmest greetings to both of you!

  • Thank you. My troubles are small ones.

  • Delighted that the book arrived. Take care of yourself, stay warm and recover quickly! If you don't improve soon with Elja's tender care, do get yourself checked out— pneumonia is not a good thing. All the very best to you both. Carol
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