THURSDAY 11 Feb; A Happy Day at Home

Little things... little things that make you happy.

There where a lot of these little things today.

Stay in bed a little bit longer.

Breakfast table ready when I came into the kitchen.

Having breakfast with David and Adam.

Stay at Eleusis all day.

Meeting the kind and cheerful nurse who will help David with his treatment.

See David pottering around in the house.

Inspecting the new rose garden together with David.

Seeing the first daffodils flowering near the Eirene shrine.

Making shrines in the bed-livingroom downstairs and enjoying the lovely firestove.

Seeing David's face while he is reading lots of messages on his laptop.

The weather forecast is telling us that it will be snowing in a couple of days.

The shed is full with wood.

We have three woodstoves burning all day. It is nice and warm inside the house.

Winter and Spring seems to be have an argument together these coming days.

I hope the daffodils are going to survive this little dispute.

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  • Thank you all for your good wishes. It is a privilege to have such friends.

  • Dear Dharmavidaya, dear Elja,

    I'm so happy you are home again. I can see you there enjoying the house, the garden, the fire,  the shrines, being together with Elja and Adam. What a good news! I hope your body will go better and better. I'm glad you have a good als gentle nurse to help you with the care and that Elja and Adam are there. Very much love and hughs, Namo Amida Bu, Vajrapala

  • So glad that you are home and enjoying things, David and Elja. 'Little things mean a lot'. Xx
  • David , I would really like to do that . Thank you .
  • Thank you, Josephine. I hope that when you are on your way to your place in France you will visit us en route. Warm wishes.

  • So happy that David is home an improving . Simple things in life mean so much. It sounds lovely and cosy with wood burners full blast. Hope spring arrives soon as I am keen to get back to my home in France . Hearing you talk about life in France is making me homesick . Take care of you and David . Love
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