TUESDAY 22 Mar pm ~ Moon & Fire

It has been a sunny day here and we have been outside as much as possible, sometimes working, sometimes relaxing, often talking about the events in Brussels and the state of the world. Elja was gardening and cooking. Adam and Josephine did more work on the paving job. Josephine and I shredded a heap of cut bramble, making a bin full of mulch for the garden. Mid-afternoon Elja and I went into town to the health centre. I went to the dentist and she made enquiries about what she should do about the infection that has caused her operation to be delayed. We made an appointment to see a doctor on Thursday. When we got home, my weekly blood test results had arrived from the lab and were good this time.

After dinner we went out and had a fire for Eirene, goddess of peace. This seemed the most fitting thing we could do, wishing wellbeing to all those caught up in this awful conflict. Mixing our Greek and Sanskrit we chanted "Shanti, shanti, paen Eiriene"*  as the flames surged up and the full moon rose over the trees.

Here at Eleusis, far from the centres of wealth and power, we do our best to create a haven of peace for all who come. Of course, there is nowhere that is completely immune from the troubles that beset our world, but during many periods of history it has been in out of the way places that things of value have been cultivated and preserved while strife prevailed elsewhere. Worshipping the goddess and inspired by the spirit of all the Buddhas, we send our love and good wishes for safety and peace to our friends in many parts of the world and our sympathy to all those who are caught in situations closer to the hot points of conflict in this difficult time.

* Peace, peace, hail goddess of peace

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  • Thank you for the beautifull words and pictures you send out to us.

    Eleusis is a real haven off peace.

    It is good to share it with us. Namo Amida Bu.

    yesterday we had a haven off peace in our house too with our little group, we shared about our feelings and hopes about what did happen in our country - Belgium - and prayed for compassion for all who are involved in it and all who are afflicted by hate. People where happy to be able to have some peacefull inspiration in this dark times. We asked the Buddhas to help us and sung "Namo Quan Shi Yin Bosat"

    Thank you Amida, thank you Amidasangha, thank you Dharmaviday for the good things we can share, the possibilities we get.

  • Thank you Ananda. Yes, indeed. Namo Amida Bu.

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