Picking up a snippet from another thread, do men and women speak different languages? I had some experience years ago of running groups for couples. One of the exercases that we would do would be to use the "fishbowl" technique wherein half the group form an inner group and have a discussion while the other half sit round the outside silent and listen. We would do this with the inner group being the people of one sex and then do it again with the inner group being the other sex. One of the things hat I observed was that men and women tended to talk about similar things, but the manner in which they did so was often very different. Women tended to be more emotional and more abstract. Men tended to use a lot of very concrete metaphors and were more focussed on action than upon feeling.

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  • With the risk of stereotyping which is not my intention to do, but in any case a pattern I encounter often. I just want to unburden something, think or feel it through by talking about it, and my (male) partner comes up with a fix. Ends with frustrations on both end, me of not having had a proper space, the other party because of a sense of not having helped properly (and even not having his fix being acknowledged :-)). 

  • Different languages?


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