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Peter and I were happy to host a retreat last weekend entitled 'Exploring Self & Other' it gave the attendees an opportunity to explore the nature of self by means of exploring our internal landscape, our relationship to the other and to the environment that surrounds us by engaging together in meditative practice, art making, movement, silent reflection and group discussion. It provided an invitation to create community, a valuable refuge and resource providing a supportive environment for self-enquiry and the development of meaning.

It was a joy to experience people who hardly knew each other before, meditating, living and working creatively together. A big thank you to Jnanamati who jointly facilitated the event with Naomi West from Jersey and to all who took part so enthusiastically.

Jnanamati and Naomi stayed on after the event and on the Monday morning Jnanamati gave us a Dharma talk on 'Community' which generated a good discussion. we are very grateful to David and the community where this idea was born round the table at Eleusis earlier this year.
Mo & Peter

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