Now, suddenly, the season turns;
the ice and winter rain have gone away;
Sun rises sooner, greens the ferns,
bids the world wake, rise, work and play.

Precociously, the spring-like air
now full conveys the scent of daffodil
dissolving stiff tension, dispelling care,
declaring newly, freedom from ill.

Yet can we trust such sudden boon?
Will yet come further frost and gale?
Though we bask and enjoy, did we wake too soon?
The sky, though blue, still shivers winter pale.

Now we rejoice, step out while we may,
yet cautious, not naively assuming.
It cannot be this clemency shall stay.
Watch out for wicked April looming.

“March winds and April showers
bring forth May flowers” so they say.
A good life is made of good hours.
Enjoy, yet be prudent, then…
                             come what may!

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  • Thank you David, A good metaphor for meditation.

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