In a dream I saw four mountains

with a valley in between.

In the valley lay a lake

of crystal water, deep and clean.


Somewhere hidden on this fell

there lived a hermit rarely seen

who mingling with the mist and cloud

left no trace where he had been.


Nonetheless , one felt the spell

cast on rocks and ancient trees 10

amidst the perfume of sweet flowers

carried on the gentle breeze.


We entered, I and my companions,

this entrancèd pleasuance

all dressed in coat of many colours

prepared to join a sacred dance.


We were a crowd of happy souls

confabulation echoed round

like so many gaudy birds

we fluttered through the plush surround. 20


The trail twisted round the rocks

we marvelled at the vegetation

smelling, tasting, intoxicating,

soon we’d quite lost all direction.


Then at once we found a clearing

verging to the water’s edge

where there sloped a sandy beach

between two stands of giant sedge.


In this secluded comfy spot

with sun and shade, nor dry nor damp, 30

close by some lush fruit bearing trees

we soon set to to make our camp.


With stakes and dark green mighty leaves

we made a shelter for the night

but when the dark came suddenly

we gazed at stars uncannily bright.


Then rose the moon over the peak

making its divine procession

and in the mirror of the lake

one thought to see straight into heaven. 40


Entranced, befuddled, lost to sense

we revelled in an ecstasy.

Some wandered far into the wood

some bathed, some sang, some hugged the trees.


In the morning consciousness

returned, at least in some degree.

I looked around for my companions

but alas we were but three.


The others gone, we settled down

to writing verses we could share 50

while, betimes, we worked the land

for healthy life in the perfumed air.


Thus, out of nature’s precious store

we built a garden of delight

rejoicing in the crops that grew

and blossoms such a balmy sight!


As we sang praises in the evening

spirits filled the twilight hour

thus our life was threefold blessèd

by mysterious sacred power. 60


I cannot say how long we lingered

in that life beside the lake

wherein heaven still provided

all that one could wish to take.


Never did we find the hermit

nor the cave in which he dwelt

but his misty kindly presence

allowed one’s wounded heart to melt.


I had no fear for my companions

roaming the enchanted wood; 70

surely they will find what’s needful,

each get exactly what he should.


From this dream I realised

the secret way of letting go

while accepting all that comes

to teach one all one needs to know.


Though I’ve woken from the dream

I would like to take you there

so that we can be a threesome

living lightly without cares. 80


In any case, the dream still lives

in the dawn and twilight times

when the heart is lifted upward

to partake of the sublime.


Let us go there hand in hand

beside the lake we’ll build that bower,

live at ease among the spirits

and drink in that sacred power.


It’s the only way to be:

will you come there, now, with me? 90


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