The friendly teller of healing tales
holds out a hand, hoists the sails,
temptation is a tender touch,
take a slice, but not too much.
Sages, ages, pirates and souls,
bananas and oranges, roasting hot coals,
wear your best, the tangerine,
say it soft, but say what you mean,
the mean won’t go hungry,
the generous shall eat,
we’ll ride on the seas,
attire the fleet!
Pull up the anchor and sail on the main
and you shall have apples all over again:
essence of pearl, lacy or cruel,
the monkey is washing his breakfast gruel,
the goat is laughing, brigands sing
Nebuchadnezzar rubs his ring.
Twenty two years he ruled the old land,
honey and plenty where now there’s just sand;
where are we going, what’s it about?
whistle a whisper and then we’ll find out.

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