At Eleusis we are concerned with a generic approach to spiritual development. It is a wonderful aspect of the modern world that we have available the wisdom of all the great religious and spiritual traditions. All these traditions are transmitted from generation to generation through the medium of heart to heart relationships. The teacher shows a lore. He or she declares a way and does so for the most part by living it. If others come for instruction this might be given didactically, but the most important lessons are generally oblique. A person changes through working with their conditions and the teacher seeks to so arrange conditions that all have optimal opportunity to learn spiritual truth. This may require some shape-shifting. Yet, although some people are more experienced and some less, we are all some of the time teacher and some of the time disciple. The oldest soul knows best how to be a beginner. To grow as a disciple and to grow as a teacher are not two different things. The newcomer may think that what is important is to learn the features that distinguish the named path that they have chosen, but such a partisan mentality is itself a delusion. We are all on similar spiritual journeys, even though each journey has its distinctive features. Language and ritual vary, but the true course of spiritual development is universal. The preceptor guide has a special responsibility as well as a special freedom, having dedicated their life to the flourishing of those who come to them for help. In this workshop we shall share experience of what it means to be a spiritual teacher at different levels, from being the facilitator of a meditation or study group through to being a leader of souls.

David Brazier, doctor of philosophy, Buddhist teacher, head of the Amida Order, founder of the Eleusis centre, author of books on spirituality, psychology, culture and poetry, teaches in Europe, Asia and North America

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