• Yes, thank you. Much of the nastiness in life is completely unnecessary, but it is the way of the world. Each person who hurts is a person who is hurting. Thus the tears cascade down the generations.

  • "The liberation of Buddhism is liberation from self, not liberation of self. Wherever life might take us, there is in every situation a li, a way of action that is, as the Chinese might have said, in accord with the way of heaven. If one lives thus, in accord with the Dao, in faith rather than ambition, satori will take care of itself." Living in faith rather than in ambition..... accepting again and again. There is so much confusion and suffering, accepting all this in faith that the Buddha's will care for this all. So much times I think 'I can't have this no longer, this pain, this misunderstandings, this illusions going on between people.... makes me so sad I have to accept all this Samsara, all those people so full off karmic dellusion, hurting each other and themselves with all old attitudes again and again. But I know there is no other right way than going the way off faith. Thank you for your clear teaching. I really like what you are writing about our fear for others (when practising) and our need to be accepted. I recognise very deep. Deep bow.

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