So, settle yourself for meditation.

Relax the body. Notice the breathing.

The inhalation – the exhalation.

Feel the air entering the chest. Feel it all the way down into the abdomen. Sensing the movement of the diaphragm and the chest as the air comes in and goes out.

Breathing in – breathing out.

Have a sense of the air coming through the nostrils and into the lungs.

This air is very precious. It comes from outside of my body and it enters into my body. This air is not me, but I could not live without it. We might reflect that we are solid objects, to some extend liquid objects, we depend on solids and liquids, but we depend on the air even more. If the air ceases to be available, we would not live more than a few minutes; in that circumstance, we would give anything to have it turned back on again.

So, the air is immensely precious.

As you breathe in, please be aware that you are breathing in something enormously precious. As if the air were gold or diamonds. You might imagine you’re filling your body with tiny diamonds. This air is more vital, more precious than diamonds, and every day we receive it freely.

The air I breathe – I don’t own it. I didn’t buy it. I didn’t earn it. I didn’t make it. It’s a completely free gift. How fortunate I am.

All around me, all day long is this air element. I live on the earth, but I live in the air. I move about within it. As if in a vast ocean of the most precious thing imaginable; and much of the time I give it little thought, yet here it is: the greatest possible gift.

Breathe in – breathe out.

Thank you very much
Namo Amida Bu


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