GLOBAL SANGHA NEWSLETTER 6 : 30th November 2020

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No concept can totally embrace the truth, but a good concept can trigger good gestation and ultimately be a condition for the birth of true peace and sincerity.  A good concept has several layers of meaning just as a seed brings forth a body but also the spirit in which that body lives and ultimately the meaning that transcends even that spirit.

- The concept of Global Sangha, at the simplest level, is the same as Amida’s Golden Chain stretching round the world with faithful members in many countries reaching out to one another and supporting one another on the spiritual path. This is not about organisation, this is about heart connection. 
- At a deeper level, therefore, Global Sangha speaks of universal goodwill: the spirit of generosity, love, and gratitude that is the antidote to greed hate and delusion, extended firstly to one another and then in all directions; the earthly reflection of the Unimpeded Light of the sambhogakaya.
- Ultimately Global Sangha is true refuge - the eternal amidst the ephemeral, the Buddhas of all times present for us now, whose light is ever shining on this and all worlds. To uphold the spirit of Global Sangha is to turn to that light and let it be reflected in all that one does.



The life story of Siddhartha and the way we live now.
George Daly
15.00 (Rome time) Wednesday 9th December

Inspired by meeting with many members of the Global Sangha. I have been working with friends and family to put together a new musical version of the life of Siddhartha for YouTube. This is nearly ready for publication. If you want to hear about it, contribute ideas and/or to participate in the project then please come to the meeting.

Some myths and facts
Miguel Farias
16.00  (Rome time) Wednesday 9th December

Meditation is supposed to help us become more compassionate, to heal various mental health problems in adults and children, to work for the mind like going to the gym works for the body, to very rarely have side effects, and to be a recipe for a happy life. In this talk, I will unpack these beliefs, trace their development, and tease out what is fact from fiction about the effects of meditation.


May all beings be well and happy
even in these difficult times.

Namo Amida Bu

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