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AMIDA SCOTLAND Perth, Scotland

There is now a fledgling Amida Buddhist centre in Perth, in Scotland.

Having taken care of the Amida sangha in Newcastle upon Tyne from 2001 until the end of last year, following Dharmavidya's move south, I have now moved to Scotland - and Kuvalaya leads the sangha in the NE of England.

I have a shrine room in my home and we have had three meetings so far. It's a delight to offer Pureland teachings and practice here. I look forward to our sangha growing and our activities expanding. Here is our website.

Namo Amida Bu

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  • Wonderful. Namo Amida Bu.

  • Last week we held a 'Taking Refuge' ceremony during which our sangha member, Ian, also took the 5 precepts in the form of prayers. A lovely evening - Namo Amida Bu

  • Thank you they are beautiful! You must have a wonderful shrine room...  I will pin some of your pictures on one of my pinterest boards... 

  • There are some photographs here, Elja. Yes, it'll be lovely to welcome you here sometime soon.

  • I hope to visit your sangha in Scotland too Sujatin. Can you put a picture of your shrine room in this group? I like to see it. A pity that i don't meet you next week in the Malvern temple, but i hope it will be in Scotland as soon as possible....

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