This is a place for posting haiku.

A haiku is a 17 syllable poem, generally consisting of three lines with 5-7-5 syllables respectively. Normally the final line gives a twist or "turn" to the meaning or makes a reference to the season of the year. Traditionally, in Japan, haiku were often about the moon, clouds, cherry blossom, the wonders of nature, especially anything beautiful yet transient, which could also be symbolic reference to some spiritual experience. Modern haiku can be about almost anything, but the brief, succinct form does work better for some things than others and the "turn" can be the all important element.

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  • Hi Kim, Traditionally the pattern of a haiku is three lines: first and third lines: five syllables, second line: seven syllables. Some of yours have extra syllables. Less traditional, not a big deal.
  • A friend told me that I did not do this right . . . is there something that I missed in my responses?  Am I suppose to pick up the last line and move forward from there??

  • Opera language?

    Twirling dancers always spin,

    so thinking falls down

    Once down, traces leave

    an eons old mind tossing out

    Unnecessary stuff


    Creating open space

    Boundaries dissolve

    Revealing, empty.

  • Opera nature -
    Has the dog got it, by chance?
    - just an old mu joke.

    If there's space for me
    under the wings of the dog
    I'll eat my old hat.

    This world embraces
    the singer who is flying
    free from her traces.

  • Embracing empty space
    some days it seems dogs have wings
    even in this world

    Even in this world
    dogs fly by wearning hats and
    singing opera
  • Writer writing words
    flowing them fast, furious
    painting empty space.

  • This world, other worlds -
    your prayers are embracing me
    keeping me flying.

  • Flying South

    Time flying by me
    thoughts nosily flocking south
    headed to new worlds.

  • Red apples for pie
    Golden sun shining, cold crisp
    Warm kitchen, sweet crust
  • When will winter come -
    butterflies in November!
    Takers for croquet?

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