This is a place for posting renku.

Renku is a Japanese poetic form with five lines with syllables 5-7-5-7-7. You will note that the first three constitute a haiku, so you can say a renku is a haiku with two extra lines.

Here is an example that I wrote this morning

In the unknown night
my soul is busy weaving
a new day’s garment
to protect me from the gale
that ever seeks to enter

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  • The cat is lounging
    in a pool of bright sunshine
    spread out on my bed
    dreaming of hunting last night
    in the half light of the moon

    I prefer to sleep
    in the blackness of the night
    where nothing is seen
    and dream of the moon rising
    in the half light of my mind.

    When I become cat
    and the cat turns into me
    I’ll doze all day long
    in my furry dressing gown
    and the poet shall be she.

  • Shelter of the mind
    your heart gives compassion
    that friends should return.
    Let me carry the burden,
    a friend of heart-mind does so.

  • Coming and going,
    the mirror is unconcerned
    who lives in its depths.
    I, however, have a heart
    - such a heavy handicap.

  • is it Narcissus?
    the mirror is not water
    maybe a hermit?
    of brass it is at the wall
    his image is for us all

  • Mirror on the wall,
    who is most fool of them all?
    Receding image…
    is it me? Yes, I see now!
    We go on together, then.

  • I am you are me
    It's Indra's net she wove
    threads of shining light
    finely intertwined
    mirror of infinity

  • Forever unknown
    she goes on with her weaving;
    the lace-making soul
    has a thread that’s eternal
    whose ends are heaven and hell.

  • The garment was lace

    the storm entered

    my Soul is unknown

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