The white crow

There he is walking from the land of golden sands

Where the sun never sets and the moon never rises.

Walking the cracked grounds of the desert Sahara

To cross the sea and come to you,


The messenger of faith is here

See his glory and bow to his honor

For he shall cross many sea’s and pass the desert

Only to reach you and give you wisdom,


Meet the white crow and see all his wisdom within his eyes

Feel the pain within his chest from all that you let him see. 

Remember 13th dec 2049 for that is the day he shall die

Many years he shall stay and many people he shall save

With a spirit long gone with the wind.


For take him I shall 3 years from now

But only the part that I gave him

The rest he may keep for it is his to do as he wishes. 

And a gift for all his loss is a kiss from me.


An eternal life within a kiss from creation

Not a lovers kiss and not a mothers hug

The blessing to have your soul live forever.

To rise beyond separation and see the gates 

Come and pass as time flies by. 


For by the one he is appointed 

To be the messenger of the word on earth

To tell you all about  life and prepare you for the end.


He shall stand before you all and tell you of days gone by.

Tell you of who the one is in this story and why,

For it is the one, the one who made you be

The one who created the heavens and the earth

Who separated itself in two so you have faith

You showed you right from wrong so you would live

So you don’t judge and you don’t kill.


How in vain, how wrong I was.

You never will change, kill is in your blood

Your soul gets in the way of it because you allow it to.

You do not control the emotions in your heart, they destroy

When you allow them to control you.


It is yours to do as you will

You are the judge and executioner here

So the anger that feeds you is the love that you didn’t give.

The love that rises you is the anger that you defeated,

It is so simple that it worries me that you don’t understand.


So here here one and all come meet the guide of light

Meet her here as emotions fly by and birds are being reborn

See the phoenix rise and feel the fire in your hands.

Hear the lion’s roared and see the cougar behind the trees.


Slow and silent steps of greatness walk and lead

Aside the flight of the crow of white feathers

Behind the white queen on her white horse,

General of the armies here on earth

Glorious and strong meet the queen

The white snake of life.

See how beautiful and how venomous she is

No man should ever be allowed to touch her

For she is to be queen and all alone.


Ahead walking see the keyholder

See the black sheep passing by.

Laugh at him you shall and mock him you shall.

But no one is leaving until he has spoken.

Black as the night his skin shall be

And white as a feather his soul shall shine,

No one shall be wiser than the sheep in white.

Follower he is you shall say 

He is not worth the time you shall yell.


Oh how wrong you are children of the earth

For he and he alone knows the secret of eternal life

And the secret of coming to me while living. 

Shy and quiet he is, a man of few words.

But whenever he speaks even the deaf shall hear.


So behold my four horsemen of truth,

See them together and feel the grounds shake

For only time shall show you how alike they really are.


Tasks they have, just as all of you

Only their task shall cause their death

And their death shall mean the life of you.

The most precious they shall give you

For their task is to lead you to a new life.


So hear the messenger call you hear his words

See the guide lead you and fallow her steps

See the queen of light arrive on her horse and bow to her honor

For she is the one to bring the differ into same.

See the key holder think and feel his wisdom

Witness the doors of destiny be open 

And feel the power of them together.

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