i have been reading a relatively new book about Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker and just how important sleep is to all parts of our body. It can reduce the chance of cancer, heart disease, dementia, depression and obesity, and it can help improve memory and general well-being. 

Personally I love sleep and so I have no trouble sleeping and get the required eight hours most nights, and that never really changed when I had two babies. But I know many people who sleep less than eight hours and who regularly put off going to bed early. 

My Christmas present to my friends and family members who say that don’t need more than six hours was this book because I am interested in seeing whether the facts about sleep in this book, of which there are some very important findings over the past twenty years by neuroscientists in the field of sleep, will alter their sleep habit.

My sense is that no matter what we know about the positive benefits of sleep we won’t or can’t break our sleeping habits without being pushed into it by some unforeseen unfortunate health issue. And even then, if we are willing to change, can we break the strong habit energy, or dare I say our modern addiction to screens. 

But I hope that I am wrong.

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  • Yes, I have a long standing interest in this. Sleep is the best doctor.

  • This sounds like an important book, Susthama. thank you for bringing it to this forum...

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