My Visit at Eleusis.


Day 1 20th March


While travelling Australia in 2011 I read a book that moved me deeply.

This book was called “Who loves well dies well”

Having just lost my own mother I had great admiration for David for making his mothers death so wonderful, I felt i wanted to know more about this man.(Dharmavidya).

I researched online and found the site Eleusis . I knew i wanted to stay here.

5 years later the time finally feels right .

I was greeted warmly by Adam, telling me I could have his room,then Elja and Dhamavidya.

First a walk in the woods to meet the goddesses.

A tour of house and gardens and a look at my room.

Thank you Adam for letting me have your room you are a star..

Im calling it mine already.

I did offer Adam a mattress on the floor of “ my room “

Ermm, thanks Josephine but no thanks,” not the best look for someone on a celibacy program” Ha ha and that’s how life in Eleusis pans out.

Fun about serious things.

Hey its normal life with normal people. I didn’t know what I was expecting but certainly got the most wonderful surprise,

David and I strim the grass, then time for one of  Elja’s delicious meals.

Tomorrow we will have morning service, we are four.


Day 2  March


First time practice for me in shrine room.

Lovely sunshine for morning service, wonderful experience.

Felt relieved to find this sentence in book of practice.


That this practice is for ignorant beings and ignorance is essential for accomplishment.


 Any self conscious feeling I had up until then quickly diminished  

Breakfast usually follows lots of discussions about wide range of subjects.

David’s having his weekly blood test, it like a lottery and we all place our bets on numbers for results later in the week.

We joke a lot

Me:  I was so sorry when you were ill David, I followed you progress,

Dharmavidya:  Bet you’re glad I didn’t die before you eventually met me 

Me: Yes, David, I am but not for my selfish reasons…

Adam and I dig out weeds in preparation to lay patio slabs.

Cappuccino coffee break.

Elja getting news that her operation could be cancelled because of a bug.

We await for more news.

We talk about having a bonfire tonight but we are all tired and after another tasty dinner we forget and all go to our beds early.


Day 3


Early walk in the woods for me followed by morning service in shrine room.

During  breakfast. news arrives about the Belgium bombings.

David is concerned for a friend who would normally be working in bomb area.

She was at home this day.

We are all shocked and concerned about the news. I must admit these events fill me with fear. Feeling blessed we are safe in this far away place.

After breakfast Adam and I carry on with our slabbing technic for the shed base. I talk a lot but Adam doesn’t seem to mind. I tease him and we laugh a lot about silly things. Mostly Essex girls as I am one . Life is so simple and easy here.


David starts shredding I help him with that also and soon we have a big pile of mulch.

David has a dentist appointment in town. I carry on with shredding.

It’s an idyllic environment to be in .

So many different things happen daily.

David is so interesting and has such wonderful stories.

Eleusis is mesmerising and it will be difficult to leave.

After dinner we have bonfire for Goddess Eirene.

Full moon.

A beautiful sight.

As the fire roars we chant . Shanti shanti paen Eirene

Lovely evening . peace to everyone.



Day 4


Today we all went to the market locally .

We had a lot of fun , I bought some fruit for my journey tomorrow.

Adam and I practised our terrible French.

I, always interrupting him ha ha !!

Elja bought some herbs and some violets.

We were luckily invited to lunch at Oasis with Annette.

Very nice meal.

Adam was birdwatching - mostly woodpeckers.

More hospital news for Elja.

Looks like she will not be going away now after all and I'm sure in a way she is happy with that.

Annette mentioned that there could be a place at Oasis. That’s food for thought for me on my way back home to the south.

Back at Eluesis Elja and I chatted in the kitchen as she made a gorgeous vegetable pie.

I love to see her so happy . She made puff pastry from scratch. One could see from her face how delighted she was to do this and we were very happy to show our appreciation with the finished article.

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay , such a warm welcome.

Nearly forgot the haircuts, trim for David , few inches off for Elja.


Thankyou to my Amida family for the most wonderful experience

Namo Amida Bu 

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Comment by josephine jones on March 26, 2016 at 19:45
Adam , don't worry I've not stopped working since being back . Have to
Make my own breakfast too .. No like !!! Cleaning cobwebs seems to be my speciality for now . Strimming I'm good at too .
20 degrees today here , amazing weather !!! Just come in from
Out doors. More gardening tomorrow.
Muss you , Namo amida bu X
Comment by Dayamay Dunsby on March 26, 2016 at 17:01
P.S. I need a new labourer now you've gone...some people will do anything to get out of a bit of hard work!!! Slacker!! Namo Amida Bu( :
Comment by Dayamay Dunsby on March 26, 2016 at 16:44
Thank you Josephine(Jo). It was truly a blessing to have you here in all of your bubbliness! I just knew that it was going to be very quiet when you left and I was proved to be right. Amazing how quickly you became one of the family. We miss you and look forward to seeing you again. Namo Amida Bu( :
Comment by Elja Stoel on March 26, 2016 at 16:41

Dear Josephine what a lovely report of your stay with us!! Thank you very much. All the laughing returns when I read your blog! Big hug. Hope to see you soon :-)

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