FRIDAY 11 DEC: A joyful morning

We have had a very happy morning today at the Buddhist temple. It is Day Four of the Bodhi Retreat. This morning we had a ceremony which in one stage in the ordination of a member of the sangha, Lut from Belgium, also a member of La Ville au Roi (Eleusis). This morning she took her 156 precepts, which were transmitted to her by Jnanamati. Then we had breakfast, all reflecting upon the high ideals we had just listened to. During the meal time my daughter, Emma, and grand-daughter, Eadie, arrived in order to attend the next ceremony which was the taking of refuge by people becoming Buddhist, entering the Amida-shu, entering the Amida Order and/or becoming aspirant. An aspirant is a person who is on track toward ordination after a period of preparation. Elja was among those who took refuge and Emma wanted to be there to witness and give support. It was lovely for me to have them present. Eadie, who is nearly four, was very well behaved and also very interested in the bells and mokujo drum. These ceremonies end with much hugging expressions of love.

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