FRIDAY 1st July ~ End of Retreat

Retreat Week

The past week we have been in a retreat focussed on the theme of Anshin - settled faith & peaceful mind. We have enjoyed being a Dharma community of eleven people. There is plenty elsewhere on the site about the theme.

This morning we all went to Oasis, our neighbouring Buddhist community, and held our service there. It was a sunny day and very nice to go and circumambulate the stupa after our chanting and Dharma talk.

Building Development

During this retreat we have been able to profit from a small reorganisation in the use of the buildings resulting from work done over recent weeks and months. The central section of the big barn now being completely clear we have been using it as the refectory area. You can get a glimpse in this picture. In addition, the flooring of one section of the upstairs of the barn has enabled us to store things there and thus to clear much space in the upper room of the house so that this now has a more open feel for meetings. In many years, the upper room is too hot at this time of year, but this summer being a bit cooler than normal it has been very pleasant and comfortable to use this new space.

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