FRIDAY 22 Jan ~ That Snow Buddha

Today we are visiting friends in the south of Netherlands. there is snow on the ground. When there is frozen snow the morning sunshine is brighter than usual. We took a short walk into town and on the way stopped to build a snowman. We were aiming to make a Buddha figure. It was hardly worthy of Rodin but we had fun getting freezing cold rolling balls of snow until they were big enough to make a head or torso and then sculpting some arms and knees. Eventually we were moderately satisfied with our work. We walked on toward town. Along the way we found a single boot in the snow and speculated about where the other one might be. I stood it in a prominent spot in the hope the owner might find it. After a while the walk proved too taxing for Elja and we returned to the house to rest and get warm.

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  • Snowman, Buddhaman all Is.

    Great to see the picture.

  • That is no Buddha! But a very cute snowman... It was fun to make one together :-)

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