Friday 29 jan ~ Sitting by the Bedside

At this moment that I am writing the Daily I am sitting next to David in the hospital. We have no wifi here, so we are without the internet I will post the Daily tonight when I am home again.

I have been through a huge range of emotions. Bit by bit I realise that the health condition of David was (is?) quite dangerous and I still don't know if he is out of danger or not. The fact that everybody in the hospital hardly speaks English and I hardly speak French does not help very much. I am happy that David understands France quite well.

What we do know now is that David must have had blood clots in his feet. The blood clots have travelled through his body to his lungs. The long distances travelling by car - all the hours sitting still - is probably the cause of the blood clots. Poor blood circulation.

At the moment David is on oxygen all day and four times a day he is getting a mask with extra oxygen for 20 minutes or more. They also treat him with a medicine that makes his blood thinner. It will be some time before we find out how well he responds to the medication. For now I don't know how long he will have to stay in hospital or when they are going to test him again for the results of medication.

David is still showing a good mood and spirit. He looks quite vulnerable and a bit tired but he can still smile a lot. He told me that “he feels like a pin cushion” because the nurses are sticking lots of needles in his body, with or without tubes... (And he hates needles!)

I have lots of questions like: “Will he cure completely?” “Does he need to change his lifestyle?” “Can he travel again?” “Can the blood clots come back?” “How long will it take to full recovery?” and so on.

Sometimes I feel scared. When David talks he is still easily out of breath. I realise I can't do anything... Not more than trying to be good company and say nembutsu. I say nembutsu to calm my nerves and to be calm again for David. My “Namo Amida Bu” is a prayer that all will be well and David will recover and be healthy again – I hope that is a good reason to say nembutsu. Namo Amida Bu

ps: Annette, thanks for the lovely time you spent with me while we were having lunch.

Baa came for a visit :-)

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  • Dear Elja

    I'm shocked to read that David is at the hospital and in dangerous conditions. I'm going to pray for him and for you Elja too, sending much love and light!!!!! Thanks for giving us news. Namo Amida Bu.

  • Thank you so much for the news about David .
    I am thinking of you both . I feel like I know you even tho I have never met you , such is the closeness and warmth this site has given me this year reading all those interesting posts . Get well soon David and stay strong Elija. Heartfelt wishes for a full and speedy recovery David .. Love
  • So sorry too to hear the news. Elja, if you need someone to translate French to english, just let me know, I can phone the hospital.

  • so sorry to hear of this news .... wishing you 'beaucoup de courage' and sending love and prayers to both of you xxx

  • Namo amida bu, Namo amida Bu, Namo amida Bu many good wishes for a good recovery and love and hugs to you both. I am very glad Dharmavidya has you beside him Elja xxmodgala

  • Charlene Diane Jones said:Such a difficult place for you both. Many prayers and wishes for strength coming from here to you both...much love!

    Sujatin Johnson said:

    Such a tough, uncertain, worrying time - sending you both much love, support, prayers, hugs - Namo Amida Bu

  • Sujatin Johnson said:

    Such a tough, uncertain, worrying time - sending you both much love, support, prayers, hugs - Namo Amida Bu

  • Such a tough, uncertain, worrying time - sending you both much love, support, prayers, hugs - Namo Amida Bu

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