MONDAY 21 Dec 2015: Welcome from Gods and Mice

The Journey
We were up soon after 5am today. It was pouring with rain so packing the car was a bit of an operation, especially as we are carrying quite a quantity of stuff - much of it food, books and tools that we acquired in UK and elsewhere along our travel. Nonetheless, with help and supplies of coffee from Maintrisimha, who had nobly got up to see us off, we were on the road by 6am. The satelite navigation system - whom we call Christine - found us a nice route and apart from some dense traffic around Antwerp we had a straight-forward journey, taking it in turns to drive, and arrived back at La Ville au Roi before 5pm which meant that we were able to unpack the car in the light. The gods welcomed us back with a splendid display as the sun went down.

The Mice
We packed away much of the food stuff we had brought. We were somewhat anxious to see what damage the mice had done in our absence. All seemed well, then we opened the cupboard where we keep tinned food and discovered the strangest thing. The mice had eaten all the labels off the tins. There is no sign of paper so they must have eaten it. I remember a song about three blind mice who were chased by the farmer's wife. In our house it is the cook who is going to be blind - We are going to have some interesting pot luck meals over the coming period as we now have no way of knowing what we are opening to put in the pot. Ah well, life is full of surprises.

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