MONDAY 23 NOV: Visiting Zen Friends

Today we are visiting Eleusis member Michel and his wife Francoise, our lovely friends. - a happy reunion. Arriving after a long drive we enjoyed spending time talking with our friends which, of course, included talking about the three days of "lockdown" in Belgium connected with the terror plots following on from events in Paris. Today children have not been to school, transport is somewhat disrupted and many people have not gone to work. Clearly there is much fear in the air.

As I listen to these accounts my mind goes back to my childhood when I lived in Cyprus during a period of political emergency and every night listened to the sound of bombs going off in the town where we lived. Will Europe become as accustomed to such things as we did or is this just an isolated emergency? Much to think about.

At Eleusis we are always thinking about how to live a life directed toward a different kind of world where peace prevails. Much to talk about - both on our long car journeys and also in our visits to friends.

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  • The Arrival of Winter

    9108760252?profile=originalWe seem to have had a very short autumn this year, summer having lingered until very late, but Monday morning it was suddenly winter. Our first frost of the year was heavy and it took some time and effort to clear the car windows. All the plants in the garden were thickly coated with white ice fur and the air was sharply clear. At the moment the moon is three-quarter's full and Sunday night it had a strong and beautiful halo, announcing the change of weather. Early Monday morning the stars were bright and glorious after the moon had set, the air being so clear, and Mars, low down on the horizon, was bright red.

    9108759894?profile=original 9108760652?profile=original
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