MONDAY 4 Jan 2016: Wet Day Transformations

A Reflective Season
Yesterday was my mother’s birthday. The day before was my birthday. The day before that was New Year’s Day. This is generally a rather emotional time of year for me and this year no exception. The middle of the cold part of the year is a good time to reflect and take stock, reminisce and gather oneself. This year, however, i have picked up a chest infection which is rather wearing, it being hard work breathing much of the time, so that strenuous exercise of any kind soon leaves me breathless.

Converting the Stable
Nonetheless, i have been making some progress with my project to reorganise my rooms. The end section of the buildings at La Ville au Roi was originally a stable. Some years back we took out the cobbles and had a new concrete floor laid with a damp proof membrane. Then, subsequently, I reopened an old bricked up window, made a frame and put in glass which brought some light into the place. Friends of Eleusis kindly worked on putting in a platform floor dividing the space into an upper and a lower room with an open staircase between. The next stage was to lime wash the interior. The walls are limestone so adding more lime works quite well. it filled all the holes making the room weatherproof and the natural white lime colour and texture gives to the rooms a very pleasant atmosphere. When it was first done it looked like a little art gallery.

Finding Little Treasures
Since then i have moved in a lot of furniture, a very large number of books and much personal stuff. It now feels homely. it is chilly in winter, but not too bad for myself as i am fairly used to the cool. The other day we bought an electric heater for when it is particularly fresh.

My current project is to get all my books organised and shelved, which is quite a big job. i don’t rush at it as, sorting books, there is always interesting stuff to look at along the way. Also, there are a few boxes that have never been unpacked since I moved here so I am also uncovering little sentimental treasures from time to time. For instance, I found some pictures of my mother on stage in the 1940s. I showed them to a friend who acts and she said my mother looked quite professional. That was nice.

I’ve also become quite a good customer of IKEA as they do a rather good line in bookcases, so I’ve also had the work of hunking flat packs about and putting the contents together. It is slow progress, but a rather satisfying way to pass those days when it is too wet to work outside.

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