Since a couple of days ago I have been back here at Eleusis. It is nice to be home. I had been in Holland for eleven days. This time I was a guest of Yvette, the pilgrim who went on her bike from Den Bosch to Eleusis. Every visit to Holland seems to give me something to return home with.

I went to see my surgeon for a check up. He was quite content with the way I am recovering and the way I can walk and move. I have still the feeling that my left leg is longer then the right one, so I had a CT scan in hospital. In a couple of days I will find out by email if my left leg is significantly longer than the other one, but the fact that my surgeon is so content with my recovery gives me confidence about my rehabilitation. So I have a good feeling about my health.

New Job

I have found a small job that I am very happy with. After making some enquiries I have been taken on by a publisher who needs an English to Dutch translator who has a especial interest in Buddhist books. I felt very good about my contact with the company. Translators with knowledge of the Dharma are quite rare. So we made an appointment to meet each other. It was a very nice meeting.  I hope that I'll be able to work on some of David's books too.


Tara is racing around in the attic while I am writing this Daily. She does not look like a kitten anymore, but like an elegant young lady pussycat. But the way  she behaves is still the same; either full of energy and bouncing around or sleeping soundly. She is still very fond of company. She often joins one of our activities. This morning she was helping me with blackberry picking. She sits very close near to me while I am picking, or she explores the world under the thick layer of bramble bushes.

Black diamonds

There are billions of these black diamonds to pick at the moment and David discovered bushes with rose hips in the Aphrodite field. It is definitely harvest time; courgettes, pumpkins, leeks, tomatoes, all kind of herbs, hips and berries and hopefully soon the grapes will ripen.

Yesterday I made two bottles of blackberry squash, tomorrow I will start on blackberry-apple jam and soon with the tomato chutney and more courgette chutneys… and rose-hip jam.

It is nice to alternate my practical kitchen tasks with my editing work.

Picking berries, picking words, and picking kisses now and then, lots of jewels to harvest here…



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  • Sounds ideal Elja.

  • Iam very glad for you Elja. The job that they have offered to you seems so attractive!!

    It sounds great, working with your hands and senses, and working with your mind... and enjoying such a magnificent harvest!

    Namo Amida Bu

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