SATURDAY 23 July - A Zetetic Morning


I always like it when I come across and interesting new word. I was reading about Aristotle and the author used this word ‘zetetic’. I mentioned it to Elja and she looked it up in her on-line dictionary and got a message to the effect of ‘you are really clever to have found this unusual word. In order to know what it means, please pay us some more money for access to the super version of our on-line dictionery.' Of course, we looked elsewhere. Wilionary explained it as meaning ‘proceeding by enquiry’ - as in the manner of Socrates. Well that all makes sense. What a useful word!

So, this morning we continued with our study of Summary of Faith and Practice. The write up of the class will appear in Daily Teachings in due course. We have got the the phrase "without even knowing what rebirth in the Pure Land truly is". Elja and Adam both shared that they had found this phrase extremely liberating when they first read it. We had a good discussion.

Meanwhile, Tara the kitten, slept. She has two modes at the moment - on and off. She is either extremely energetic or flat out. I guess that that is normal for her stage of life.


After the class we are having a break. Elja is writing a response to my "Inner & Outer" piece and Adam has gone to do some work using timber preservative in the barn. Recently he has been working outside restoring paths. Since there are but three of us here at the moment it is difficult to stay on top of everything. In particular, there is a division between the jobs that make a lasting improvement and the ones that are maintenance. The recent emphsis upon the former has meant that some of the latter have fallen behind - paths have become overgrown so that some of the walkways through the woods have become impassible. Opening them up is very satisfying. Distant grass areas have also become overgrown with encroaching bramble. More work waiting to be done! Living here there are always a thousand possible jobs, many of which bring one closer to nature and put one in touch with the cycles of growth and decay. Chancing upon rare field flowers or wild oregano along the way also brings moments of delight.

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  • Yes, thank you Cedric, skepticism is a kind of zeztetic approach, though, I think, with a degree of bias built in. The skeptic expects to reject certain conclusions and ideas whereas a truly zetetic approach should, I think, in principle, be open-minded.

  • Un french zeteticététique is related to keptisism as there's some group of people who reclaim themselves as zetetician and focus there activity on demonstrating that paranormal activities are bullshit.
    Z est la 26e et dernière lettre, ainsi que la 20e consonne de l'alphabet latin. Code Z est le code de la province de Saragosse (Zaragoza en casti…
  • Yes, all little kittens at that age. Lots of love - D

  • Dorian is very similar to Tara. He is nine months going on ten next week. When he is awake he is constantly busy doing something, whether it is clapping his hands, exploring the space around him, putting things in his mouth, and now standing without support. but I think he is just starting to move into the next phase. He is usually not one for being held close, unless I am carrying him in the sling, and would usually squirm and wriggle himself free but now when he is tired he wants me to hold him close. It makes a nice change from actively intervening in order to help him stop to rest to him acknowledging that he is tired and would like some help to rest.
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