When i came down to make breakfast this morning i checked my mail and a former lover messaged me on Facebook. It was lovely to hear from here. I felt all soft inside. She told me that when we had last met, a while back, her feelings for me had been rekindled and she had worried that this might destabilise her relationship with her new lover, but, in fact, quite the opposite had happened and she and he were experiencing a continually deepening relationship. i was happy for her.  Elja came down and I told her who i was talking with. She said that she could see that I had a special place in my heart for this ex. She was not jealous. I find this extremely heartening. It did not detract from the feeling between Elja and I, but rather increased it. So, in both cases, continuing love for another deepened rather than injured the contemporary love. When we can appreciate each other as we actually are rather than imposing demands, as is so common in life, then it is liberating for everybody.

Elja and I had a good, though rather late, breakfast, it being Boxing Day. Then i went out to do some more work in the Field of Aphrodite. i got quite a bit done but was conscious that my body is not as fit as I would like. I'm still not up to full strength. What troubles our bodies cause us! I think it says in the Buddhist texts somewhere, "If we did not have bodies, what troubles would we have?" Still we do also make plenty of troubles with out minds too. It was good working in the field, cutting thorn bushes and sculpting the landscape and imagining what it may look like eventually. It is in the nature of this place - and my approach to it, I suppose - that we always have quite a number of jobs "in progress", but some things do get finished occasionally. Nonetheless, almost any physical work done here brings the satisfaction of one being able to see results for one's labours.

When i came back, Elja had been painting, which was nice. She also made a very tasty dinner after which we got into chatting on-line with visitors to the La Ville au Roi (Eleusis) site, reading the latest contributions on Men and Women and sharing news. Such was my day.

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  • Thanks, Karin. It was lovely being at your home too. I'm glad you enjoy imagining being here, it is such a special place. I talk about going out working, but it feels as much like playing, really, and, at the moment, with this remarkable weather, it is delightful.

  • Lovely to read you, it is as if being there! Enjoy your solitary winter time. Hugs

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