It has been three weeks since we got our keys to our new place. We were really fortunate to have my sister Linda and her husband come over to help us with the move. And we were even more fortunate to have my friend take Selena for one week which meant that we could use her room to put boxes until we got the other rooms ready.

The move took a little over a week. You would have thought that we were moving from a three bed flat to a two bed flat instead of a one bed to a bigger place, but because we were in a converted loft we had access to the attic and storage in the eaves so In effect we had two rooms as storage space which we managed to fill.

After three days of using a hired truck we were still going back to finish packing, but we had only hired the truck for the weekend and Damian got called to work so we were down to three adults and one baby and a car. Dorian at 6 months, was probably the only one that didn't feel the stress and the only thing that made us smile and laugh. My sister and her husband were under the weather but never let on that they were poorly. And Damian and I have both taken turns being the oppressor and the oppressed.

They say moving is one of the top three things that are the most stressful in life. Up there with divorce and death. I now know why couples divorce and children develop a messed up relationship with people and objects. And I can see how moving can be the catalyst for divorce and possibly death by murder. My faith has never been weaker and my anger never stronger. Thank goodness that we had enough Buddha statues so that there was at least one Buddha or Quan yin in one of the rooms at the old flat and the new one during the move. But there is still a tiny Lego figure of Amida that is still hiding in a box. I don't know why I didn't put him on his plinth in the Lego temple but maybe one day I will be ready to take him out and give him everything that I am holding onto. Who would have thought all those years ago, that choosing a spiritual life would lead to me wishing for a family with all the trappings and feelings that come with it?

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  • Hi, Josephine. I should get a lego Buddha anyway. Hope we see you again soon. Love & hugs.

  • Im in on this ..Have divorced twice had 4 kids and two step children , moved umpteen times and still cant fully let go. I have a house in France that has been my love affair for last 9 years. If i move from here which could be a possibility i'll definitely need to invest in a lego buddha.
    Hope you will be happy in your new dwelling.
    Much love
    Namo amida bu x
  • Namo Amida Bu and much lovexx

  • Ah yes, moving, i hate it! I like to help other people moving, but the times I had to move from one house to another my self with lots of stuff, I was completely stressed. But it is done... you are moved! No stronger spiritual challenge then family life! Your children are the best teachers ever! :-)

  • I'm sure that I have started a lot more than nine new lives already. :-)

  • three times divorced, almost died twice, so already five times started a new life... you are like a cat with nine lives... four to go... please be careful with that my love. Namo Amida Bu

    David Brazier said:

    In my life I have moved more than 50 times, divorced three times, and nearly died twice so my score must be quite high by now. Namo Amida Bu.

  • :-). Soon you'll be a foolish as I am.

    Susthama Kim said:

    Ha, I must on the right path then!

  • Ha, I must on the right path then!

    David Brazier said:

    In my life I have moved more than 50 times, divorced three times, and nearly died twice so my score must be quite high by now. Namo Amida Bu.

  • Congratulations.

  • Done! Only two boxes in the hall ... but Damian's mum has offered to store some stuff.
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