THURSDAY 2 June ~ Still More Rain


This morning Jnanamati left Eleusis to travel to UK. We were a bit worried that he might meet with difficulties due to the strike action currently going on in France. I took him to the station for 6am and there was a coach waiting rather than the train. After that, however, it seems to have been a fairly smooth trip.


The rains continue and I saw on the news that we are in one of the worst hit areas of France for flooding. Fortunately we are on a small hill and so above the worst, though poor Oasis is cut off. An 'oasis' is supposed to be a place where you can get water, but not in quite this quantity. I expect the weather will change soon.


With Jnanamati gone, Adam and I had a quiet day. I have done more work on my Dogen book. I am still finding this project very stimulating. One also asks oneself why a particular them catches one's imagination so. I have had a fascination with Dogen's writing for many years and it is good to examine a piece in more depth and get under his skin. I imagine that I must identify with him in some ways. Sometimes he is extremely obscure and working out what it all means is a bit of a Sherlock Holmes exercise.

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  • Yes, it has been exceptional. Whole site is water logged, but fortunately we are on a small hill. The rain has stopped for the moment so hopefully the water will start to go down.

  • We have had lot of rain in this area of France to but doesn't sound as bad as you. Sun came out thi afternoon and forecast is looking better. I've never known a spring so bad . We love a chat about weather as English people . Hope sunshine for you . X
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