TUESDAY 19 Jan ~ A Day of Errands

It has been a day of errands. We had a problem with a computer and had to find a repair shop. In the end it was a matter of buying a new memory pack and having it installed. Computers are so much a part of our lives nowadays that it is difficult to remember how we managed without them. A period of withdrawal from having the machine available now seems quite a big thing, though I do find that having a day off from the internet every so often is very beneficial.

Then we went in search of crutches. Elja will need them after her operation. The first place we tried existed only on the internet and not on the ground so we had to find another one. Again this was an instance of our dependence upon the wonders of modern technology. Find you are in the wrong place... Google an alternative, put the address into the sat-nav and off you go. In the end she found some smart red ones - Amida crutches.

In the end we had to go our separate ways, she to see family and I to take the car for its annual "control technique".

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