TUESDAY 3 January ~ A little mishap on the hills

I am currently visiting Britain. I spent Christmas with dear friends near London, my birthday with my daughter and grand-daughter, and am visiting the Amida Mandala Temple in Malvern which is splendidly situated with a panoramic view across the vale of Evesham, the great fruit growing basin of central England. Travelling with me is Tara the cat, equipped with her own passport. In her eight months she has had a great many adventures and this is the latest. Here at the temple she has explored every crevice, excavated the potted plants, charmed all and sundry and met the temple cats and rabbits.

The Malvern Hills are picturesque, a steep ridge rising abruptly from the plain, mostly covered with bracken and heather with here and there a copse of trees. I decided to take Tara for a walk. Taking a cat for a walk is less easy than a dog. Here movements are more erratic and she only obeys commands when they suit her. Also one has to pick an area where encounters with dogs are least likely. This often means rougher terrain. We found a steep path through trees. She prefers the wooded areas as they give more cover, but it makes for additional difficulties as there is much more for her lead to get tangled in. We gradually made our way up. She particularly enjoyed places where timber had been felled making hiding hole beneath. We reached a fair height and she was getting tired, needing to be carried over the wilder patches. Then we found a narrow descending track. It was rather slippery with melted frost. Tara was somewhat reluctant and dawdled behind. Then suddenly having a change of heart dashed past me down the hill. Taken unawares I slipped. My fotting lost I tumbled at an angle and felt my knee twist in a manner it was not designed for. I lay upon the sward in pain for some time wondering if I could stand. One feels the stages of the body mobilising its defences and reparative response. Eventually I got to my feet and together we inched down the hill. It took a good while to get back to the temple.

Now I am laying in bed nursing my sprain. Hopefully it will feel better in the morning. I don't think anything is torn or broken so am hopeful of natural restoration.

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  • That sounds miserable. I hope things heal well and that it is nothing too serious. Good to know nothing is broken. Lots of tendons holding the knee in place that might have been damaged - hopefully not your ACL...
  • That's really good news Dharmavidya that there's no bones broken. I hope your knee recovers well from its injury & that the pain-killers are effective & that you don't need to go back for further treatment.

    Namo Amida Bu
    with much love Jayata

  • Thank you, Jayata. I've now been to the clinic and they have x-rayed (no bones broken), strapped me up and given me pain-killers and crutches. If it does not get slowly better I'm to go back for further treatment, but I am hoping Nature will do her work.

  • Dear Dharmavidya

    I hope your visit to the clinic goes well & that your knee heals quickly. Thinking of you & sending you much love.

    Namo Amida Bu


  • Dear Dharmavidya
    I'm doing ok (I think!). Still trying to manage the long-term side effects of my medication of dyskinesia & dystonia. I've cut back on the dosage to reduce the side-effects - it means that I'm less mobile but I feel less driven by the medication & less anxious. Namo Amida Bu
    with eternal love & gratitude

  • Oh dear! The clinic would be good. A cranial osteopath? (They don't just do heads and are very gentle). Sometimes bodies need a little help to repair themselves, especially if something is misplaced. Knees are notorious! Lots of love xxx

  • Slightly better this morning. Knee still stiff and painful. Might get to the clinic today to have it looked at, but walking very difficult.

  • Thanks, Jonathan - so do I :-)

  • I hope your knee gets better quickly. Take care. Namo Amida Bu.

  • Thank you, Jayata. Thinking of you also. I hope you are doing OK.

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